On the phone: looking ahead.
Hey, it's Kate, I'm somewhere doing something interesting. You know what to do.


The Crossroads, Kansas City, Missouri, Sunday Evening
Coffee means happiness.
It wasn't a First Fridays in the Crossroads district, but there was some kind of a winter artwalk thing happening, so there were still a lot of people around. A couple of food vendors here and there along the streets as well as pop-up art spaces. A good mix of people, from middle-aged cultured people hoping to seem hip with the times, to young people with mustaches and/or unnaturally colored hair... well, honestly, hoping for pretty much the same.

And of course, Kate in her koala hat, and her guest who she'd just picked up from a portal.

(There hadn't been any sexy farmer sightings yet, but Kate had faith.)

"You know, back when I first came here? This was all just art. Or, like, artsy hipsters. Now there's a ton of just like... hipster-hipsters."

Wasn't this exactly the kind of quality commentary you'd come by for, Eric?

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Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS, Thursday
Smiling sideways., Smiling old school.
It had taken several hours of driving to get to the State Fair from KCMO. But that just meant this date time had included a road trip! And since it was Kate's 22nd birthday, she was cool with a road trip.

And, apparently, visiting a cheesy state fair with a motel night to follow.

Sometimes she liked simple pleasures.

Like pointin at signs advertising attractions around the fairgrounds. "Oh my God! Toto, we really are in Kansas right now."

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Kansas City, MO, Friday Evening
Smiling sideways., Smiling old school.
Kate had had long-ass day at work, and somehow she'd managed to be in the dark about the news throughout the day. Not so much now that she was at home, though. Nope. News illumination! That was totally a thing. And so was calling her little brother on the east coast.

Except he didn't pick up, of course he didn't, he was probably out having a party with his art school friends. Or possibly at some café talking about the pointlessness of the marriage institution. It was hard to know with the artsy types. She noted that in the rambly voicemail she left him. Among many other equally rambly things.

Then she danced around the living room for a bit. When Seamus barked excitedly up at her, she picked him up and danced with him in her arms for a bit. She'd had a long day. If there was something to gain happiness from, she'd take it.

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An email sent to... everyone Kate ever met in Fandom, pretty much, Tuesday
Smiling sideways., Smiling old school.
From: illegalpants@sirchmail.com
To: (Srsly, if you think there's a chance you got this, you got this. Friends, acquaintances, former collegues, everyone. ...@gmail.com)


Me. The answer is me.

To celebrate, there's going to be a party tomorrow night at Mr. Northman's fine establishment (that's the Devil's Nest if you're unfamiliar with Uncle Eric) (Devil's Nest is on Black Swan Drive in Fandom, in case you're unfamiliar with the club) in my honor! Come one, come all! No gifts necessary, but I won't decline if you get me something. I fucking love presents. Or just being told happy birthday.

Also if you're under 21, sorreee but there probably won't be any booze for you due to venue policy. But! The selection of fancy foreign sodas is amazing. So, don't let that stop you.

So to recap: Kate's birthday bash, Devil's Nest, Wednesday 1st of October, 2014. Be there!

- Kate

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Office #26, Thursday
Day in day out.
Kate was doing highly important work in her office again. Yes, highly important. Playing Fruit Ninja on her phone. It was important! For her... brain and fingers and reflexes, and stuff. Yes.

Seamus the Corgi was also asleep on the floor by her desk, cuddling a stuffed bunny. That probably wouldn't last long. He was just resting from his earlier hard work of chasing a ball around the office.

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Office #26, Friday
Day in day out.
Kate's desk was entirely covered in papers. Many were crumpled up, although there were also various print-outs scattered about, and a notepad with a lot of things crossed out in front of her. Apparently her method for deciding what to teach in the next term was a little messy. Seamus the corgi, who was with her in Fandom today, was loving it, though. He thought any and all crumpled paper balls that fell on the floor were the best thing ever. Which was nice, because Kate didn't seem to be getting her anywhere. So it was good that someone was getting something out of it.

And that was how she ended up sitting on the floor of her office, throwing a paper ball for Seamus to fetch. Maybe that would somehow jog her braincells and give her an idea.

Even if she probably couldn't teach 'Barking Happily 101'.

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Office #26, Wednesday (but not during the faculty meeting)
Things are okay.
Kate was the most productive person on Earth.

She was spending her office hours on Tumblr.

Okay, sure, she'd done some sother stuff too, gotten some lesson plans ready and all that stuff, plus tried to get a hold of some people at SkyKans to check on what the situation was. And then called her fellow flight attendants when those people were completely unavailable. It didn't get her any new info.

Tumblr had no info on crappy midwestern airlines either, but it least it had a ton of nice pictures.

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Office #26, Wednesday
Comfortable silence.
Kate now had a picture of her boyfriend on her desk. And also another one of their dog (who, by the way, she really needed to bring along to Fandom one of these times). It was like she was starting to be an actual adult with an office or something.

Still didn't have a coffee machine, though. Oh, well. Instead of coffee, she was going to bombard Bod's phone with photos of the office. (It made sense to her.) No regrets.

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Office #26, Wednesday
Day in day out.
Kate had an office!

Specifically, Kate had Mitchell's old office. For reasons. Largely to do with sentimentality because she had spent many a day right in this room at sixteen, talking shit and watching important cinematic masterpieces such as that one movie about mutated otters. Look, if she was going to pretend to be a teacher – and she seemed to have pretended okay during her first class session yesterday – then she was going to want to do a part of the work where she actually felt comfortable. And this happened to be it.

And her first office hour was probably going to be spent peering into all drawers and the like. Or at least the first hour of it. After that, she was probably going to get her laptop out and go on Tumblr.

It was totally a place to get class session inspiration from!

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