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Office #26, Wednesday (but not during the faculty meeting)
Kate was the most productive person on Earth.

She was spending her office hours on Tumblr.

Okay, sure, she'd done some sother stuff too, gotten some lesson plans ready and all that stuff, plus tried to get a hold of some people at SkyKans to check on what the situation was. And then called her fellow flight attendants when those people were completely unavailable. It didn't get her any new info.

Tumblr had no info on crappy midwestern airlines either, but it least it had a ton of nice pictures.

[ooc: Open post, open door, open office hours, open everything!]

Rapunzel bit her lower lip, a little worriedly. She'd told a few people about her tower -- it helped with her occasional bouts of homesickness. But that was different -- sharing it now put her whole arrangement with Mother in an unpleasant context, even if Rapunzel knew it was the correct context.

"Smaller than the dorms, bigger than my dorm room?" she offered hesitantly. "I kind of...lived in a tower, with just a window entrance. No way out or in, except for seventy feet in the air. It kept me safe."

That last was said with a trace of doubt and a small frown.

Kate kept herself from making a face. "Seriously? To tell the truth, I would've been terrified of falling out the window."

See, there was a little attempt at a joke and everything.

"Well, I guess other than that it had to have been pretty safe, you're not wrong about that. But..." Yeah, she had a pretty careful tone with this next bit. "That sounds really lonely."

Rapunzel shrugged, smoothing her skirt. "I mean, I had Pascal!" Who was napping on her pillow in her room at the moment. "He helped a lot. And I kept myself busy. And my mother came to visit a lot, too."

Which probably helped with figuring out the identity of the mysterious female person who had been so awful to her. Rapunzel was bad at maintaining intrigue.

"But...yeah. It was really lonely. And I love it here, and I have friends, and people who...seem like they like me for me, and not what I can do for them. I can't believe anyone here would hurt me, ever. It's just hard to reconcile what I was told with what I'm actually...seeing."

Yeah, the mystery around the not-great person was pretty easy to figure out after that. Kate didn't zero in on it immediately, though. (Despite being the kind of person who had, at one time, yelled at an actual Greek god for being a terrible parent.)

"Sometimes people lie," she said, twisting her lips a little. "But what's extra important is that you're seeing things for yourself and seeing them yourself. I know it's hard to make that mesh with what you thought you knew before, but at least there are positive sides to it."


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