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Kate Gregson vanillajello
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Office #26, Wednesday (but not during the faculty meeting)
Kate was the most productive person on Earth.

She was spending her office hours on Tumblr.

Okay, sure, she'd done some sother stuff too, gotten some lesson plans ready and all that stuff, plus tried to get a hold of some people at SkyKans to check on what the situation was. And then called her fellow flight attendants when those people were completely unavailable. It didn't get her any new info.

Tumblr had no info on crappy midwestern airlines either, but it least it had a ton of nice pictures.

[ooc: Open post, open door, open office hours, open everything!]

Yeah, the mystery around the not-great person was pretty easy to figure out after that. Kate didn't zero in on it immediately, though. (Despite being the kind of person who had, at one time, yelled at an actual Greek god for being a terrible parent.)

"Sometimes people lie," she said, twisting her lips a little. "But what's extra important is that you're seeing things for yourself and seeing them yourself. I know it's hard to make that mesh with what you thought you knew before, but at least there are positive sides to it."


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