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Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS, Thursday
It had taken several hours of driving to get to the State Fair from KCMO. But that just meant this date time had included a road trip! And since it was Kate's 22nd birthday, she was cool with a road trip.

And, apparently, visiting a cheesy state fair with a motel night to follow.

Sometimes she liked simple pleasures.

Like pointin at signs advertising attractions around the fairgrounds. "Oh my God! Toto, we really are in Kansas right now."

[ooc: This fair ended two weeks ago IRL but see if we care. NFB, for the boy, though can be open for texts or calls I s'pose.]

"Goat milking contest?" Bod asked, raising an eyebrow and looking over at her. "Is that really a thing that happens here? Really? How is that a contest?"

He had many questions.

"Celebrity goat milking contest," Kate pointed out, laughing. "I wonder who they actually got for that. Can't be actual celebrities."

"Well, they didn't call you or I," Bod pointed out with a snicker. "Maybe it's something we should watch when the time comes? We could cheer them on."

"God, I've totally ruined you."

Judging by the smiling, she did not actually think this was terrible.

"Ae you gonna buy me cotton candy for my birthday?"

"I don't know, should I?" Bod asked, smiling down at her. "Cotton candy is terrible for you. It'll rot your teeth."

His grin widened.

Kate laughed. "Like you care. It's my birthday!"

"I care!" Bod said, laughing. "I care about you more than anything so of course I care!"

"Yeah but about my teeth?" she retorted, reaching for his hand. "I don't think so. I barely care about my teeth."

He probably knew that. She'd been trying to convince him Twizzlers were a perfectly sensible breakfast food since they'd met.

"So, you don't mind if they fall out?" he teased, lacing his fingers with hers and swinging their hands. "People will stare."


Liar. She grinned, showing off some of those teeth in question.

"I could get fake teeth."

"You do realize that's quite expensive, right?" he asked her. "Are you willing to put forward a paycheck towards it?"

"Definitely." Still lying. But she nodded towards a booth selling fairground snacks. "So, chop chop. Buy me my teeth rotters, Bod."

"I think you need to say please," he returned with a laugh. "Then, perhaps I'll consider it."

Kate made her eyes big, and fluttered her eyelashes at him. She was so far from being above playing dirty that it wasn't even funny.


"You're terrible," Bod told her, giving her hand a squeeze. "Blue or pink?"

Kate snorted, and swung their hands a bit. She'd probably have to let go in a second, but not just yet. "Pink, no contest."

"All right," he told her, bringing her hand up and giving it a kiss. "I'll be right back with something that will most assuredly make your teeth fall out."

Kate snuck a kiss on his cheek before letting go of his hand.

"Thank you. Best boyfriend."

"Only boyfriend," he pointed out, snickering before ambling away to get her some cotton candy. He almost got her a blue one just to be contrary but went with pink eventually.

Kate busied herself by looking a some more posters for attractions while he was away.

Chainsaw artist? High voltage line safety demonstration?

Oooh, petting zoo! That was the one that had her looking a little excited.

Once the pink cotton candy was in his hand, he came back over to Kate and handed it to her with a smile.

"Cotton candy delivery," he told her, eyes finding the posters she'd been looking at. "High voltage safety demonstration?"

"It's wrong to think it would probably be more interesting if someone was electrocuted, right?" Kate checked as she took the cotton candy and atore off a piece. "That's wrong."

"Yes, that's wrong," he said, shaking his head. "We don't need ambulances and police cars ruining our time out and your birthday. It would ruin the mood."


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