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Kansas City, MO, Saturday
Ladies' room., Ladies room.
Kate had a day off. A blessed, blessed day off, because SkyKans had been getting a little weirder and shoddier than usual, lately, and as these things always went, the flight staff got all the damn fallout from it, like shit was their fault.

So Kate was embracing her day off. And a sudden fit of nostalgia as well as a rare urge to do something productive. And also fun. Actually, dragging clothes out from the far reaches of the bedroom closet and dumping it all over the bed probably looked like it was more about fun and making a mess than it was about productivity, but it was for a productive cause, honest! Because she had a ton of clothes back there that she hadn't worn since probably before she'd moved away from home the first time and that she'd just brought over when they'd moved without giving it a second thought. It was really time to pare that shit down a bit.

But first, it was time to try half the things on and pose in front of the mirror and argue with herself about what she might still wear and what was just waaaay too fifteen-year-old goth punk scene kid to fly with her anymore. Like the ensemble of a too-tight skull t-shirt and plaid skirt and relevant accessories she was trying on right now.

She'd worn a lot of fishnet stuff five years ago, hadn't she?

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Kansas City, MO, Tuesday
Joking right?
Between work and birthday celebrations and whatever, Kate didn't feel like she'd had a lot of time to just veg out lately. So that was a pretty obvious plan for today since she had the day off. And she was a world class vegger so it was going to be good. She had her laptop, she had candy (the world's most nutritious late breakfast!), and she was in her pajamas. Everything was pretty much perfect. And her first order of the day? Scrolling back on her Tumblr dash for as far back as she could before her browser would inevitably freeze under the load. Hey, she'd missed a whole bunch of shit. Like all the way past Halloween. Maybe having been doing stuff other than Tumbling meant that she was an adult.

Of course she probably lost all her adult points by doing what she was doing right now. But whatevs. It was fun, and it passed the time, and she was seeing some pretty funny shit and snickering to herself. And then she came across a post collecting a bunch of highly obscure characters and internet phenomena Halloween costumes. And one of them looked familiar. Like, really familiar. Really, really, really, 'I ruined my life for a while over that costume' kind of familiar.

Kate clicked on the source link for the post in question. And yeah, there it was in the tags.

#princess valhalla hawkwind

So, Kate almost choked on her Twizzler. Once she was over her coughing fit and near-death experience, she typed the words into the search bar, because no way was there going to be anything else in there. Had to be just some random person digging up a low quality video from two years ago and making a costume 'for the lulz' or something. Had to be.

Except there was a bunch of recent fan art in the tag.

Some of it was actually pretty good.

"... Whaaaat."

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Hotel Pershing Hall, Paris, Monday Afternoon
Pretty and knows it.
Kate had turned twenty two weeks ago. Bod would do the same in a couple of weeks, and so not only was today almost the midway point between their two birthdays, it also happened to be their two-and-a-half years anniversary. Yes, Kate was about as astonished by that fact as most other people might have been. (Her own fifteen-year-old Fandom newbie self from a little over four years ago would have been flabbergasted, for sure.) And it was a cause for celebration.

It had taken some saving and a bit of luck with regards to deals, but they had a suite for a couple of days at Hotel Pershing Hall in Paris (Kate's choice, they hadn't been since that time Fandom was next to Disneyland), near just about all the good stuff as far as Kate was concerned. And that was before she'd seen the inside of the hotel, because holy shit.

"Holy shit."

Way to look like an American tourist right after dragging your bags in the door, Kate.

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Outside Blue Koi Restaurant, Kansas City, MO, Monday Evening
Oh I am listening., Oh I'm actually listening.
Date nights didn't happen too often these days. And Kate was pretty fine with that, since she got to live with her lovable boyfriend and their puppy baby, and staying in was pretty easy for her lazy ass.

But sometimes date inspiration struck, and her lazy ass put on a dress to head out. Like tonight. She'd gotten dressed up and dragged Bod out with her to just walk around and find a place to have a snack or a meal in.

A place like Blue Koi, which she was now excitedly pointing at, even as she swung Bod's hand with her other one. "Oooh! They're supposed to have really good bubble tea here!"

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Kansas City, MO, Monday Evening
I am into you., I'm into you.
Tara and Max had been spending their holiday weekend in a productive way, by finally cleaning the garage and sorting out the crap that had been accumulating in there for almost two decades now.

And long story short, after a quick trip to OP, Kate was now sitting on the bed safely back at the apartment going through a big box of stuff she hadn't seen in years and years. "Ohhh my God."

A diary from when she was five? Priceless.

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Kansas City, MO, Tuesday Evening
Casual weekday.
Ugh. Long workdays due to delayed flights were horrible. Made all the more horrible by a seemingly endless stream of increasingly annoyed and annoying customers. Seriously, it was ridiculous how far the general mood could plummet. Kate's cheeks were practically aching from the all the smiling she'd forced herself to do.

So when she made it home, she shed her uniform, pulled on a flannel shirt like it was a decent thing to wear, and flopped down on the couch in the living room.

"Nooot moving."

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Kansas City, MO, Tuesday Afternoon
Let it shine through.
After the grad brunch on Sunday, Kate had hopped a portal to a certain New York because Cinco de Mayo was just the perfect excuse to drag Hannibal out to have fun. So she'd done that. And then hung out with him yesterday, first nursing their hangovers, then out on the town where they'd made some great purchases and some even greater decisions involving permanent body art. Because you couldn't leave them together unsupervised. Not now that they were finally getting back into almost their pre-vampire days swing.

So Kate was pretty happy, coming home right now. Sure, she'd have to go to work in a couple of hours, but whatever. She was wearing some pretty spiffy new pants, and she had a bandage on the inside of one ankle. Things were pretty good.

Kicking off her shoes at the door because ugh, she just wanted them off, she called out into the apartment proper, "Honey, I'm hoooome."

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Bucharest, Romania, Sunday
Do keep talking.
Far, far away from any and all dungeon drama, two people were about to celebrate having managed to stay together for two whole years. (Well, two years plus the one half they'd managed the first time around.) Naturally, it warranted portaling out of Kansas for a trip. Kate had planned this one, and since Kate loved to pick places with significance sometimes, she'd picked Romania, since it was where one of Bod's childhood pseudo-parents had come from. And because it was in Europe and the internet had made it seem like there was enough to see in Bucharest on a trip lasting a few days.

Assuming they'd actually come out of their superior double room at the Marshal Garden Hotel. Which they'd just walked into for the first time.

"... Oh my God, I love it."

There were bright colors and big flower motifs on the carpet. Of course she loved it.

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Hallmark Visitors Center, KCMO, Monday Afternoon
Oh I am listening., Oh I'm actually listening.
Days off for both Kate and Bod at the same time didn't come around every day. (Which made sense, because if they had, it would've probably meant they were both out of a job.) But once they did, sometimes you had to take advantage, by going out and doing something silly. Like going to see a local attraction! You know, like the Hallmark Visitors Center. Kate's choice, naturally.

She hadn't even realized the place was a thing before looking up possible attractions to visit, earlier today.

She was already heading for the gift shop about as soon as they were through the doors, though. Impatience would have been her middle name if her parents hadn't decided to go with Michelle instead. "I need to check out the cheesy card selection like right now."

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