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I'm not a hardship. I'm awesome.

Kate Gregson
1 October
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Name: Kate Gregson
Age: 23
Birthday: October 1, 1993
Class Year: Alumna, Class of 2011
Living Arrangements: Kansas City, MO
Voicemail: 555-KTGR

Fandom: United States of Tara
Email: justonepersona [at] gmail [dot] com
(AIM: justonepersona)

Who she is not:
A vampire in Wishverse!Fandom
A survivor in Umbridgeverse!Fandom
The mother of Dani, Vivienne, Dorian, Christian, and Cassidy

Living in Kansas City with her boyfriend, working as a flight attendant for SkyKans Airlines.

Previous schedules and living arrangements.
Former Roomie: Bobby Drake
Big Sib: Francine Peters
Little Sibs: Kurt Wagner, Cara, and Bobby McCallister

Others of varying levels/types of significance:
Leto | Mitchell | Jason | Hannibal | Joan | Warren | Bod | Jack | Emma | Puck | Percy | Luke | Nathan | Ramona | Caroline | Eric | Bo | Alice
"You can't expect me to be the perfect child all the time just because Mom acts like a bunch of different people when she's stressed out."


"I'm not a hardship. I'm awesome."
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