On the phone: looking ahead.
Kate Gregson vanillajello
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Hey, it's Kate, I'm somewhere doing something interesting. You know what to do.


Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored. Emma should, generally, not be allowed to text with a lump on her head or nebulous feelings of doomish-stuff. Give me some decent gossip, darling.

Kate's yesterday had been too busy to reply to texts. Today, though, she could at least deliver the cause of her business in a form that might count acceptable as gossip.

parentals are refusing to loan me the money to go to japan so i'm selling the dead neighbor's car.


I'll lend you money to go to japan, Emma replied. if you tell me how on earth you ended up with the dead neighbor's car in the first place.

he died. This was old news, Emma! we bought his house and got all his stuff. red cadillac included.


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