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Office #26, Wednesday (but not during the faculty meeting)
Kate was the most productive person on Earth.

She was spending her office hours on Tumblr.

Okay, sure, she'd done some sother stuff too, gotten some lesson plans ready and all that stuff, plus tried to get a hold of some people at SkyKans to check on what the situation was. And then called her fellow flight attendants when those people were completely unavailable. It didn't get her any new info.

Tumblr had no info on crappy midwestern airlines either, but it least it had a ton of nice pictures.

[ooc: Open post, open door, open office hours, open everything!]

"Um, it's a holiday," Kate replied, starting with the obvious and chewing thoughtfully on her lip as she figured out how to say it. "Basically this whole thing about love and friendship, although mostly love. Like, romantic love. It's a big deal for couples."

"Well, that'd explain why I haven't heard of it!" Rapunzel declared. "For all I know, it exists in Corona and I've just never celebrated. It sounds wonderful, though. A whole day dedicated to making sure someone knows how much you love them?" She slouched a little, sighing at the romance of it all.

Somehow Kate wasn't entirely surprised by that reaction.

She considered pointing out the highly commercialized aspects of it, then thought better of that. It seemed a little mean, somehow. "Yeah, it's pretty sweet," she said instead. "But y'know, I think I prefer spreading out the love all around the year. Works better for me. But, all the heart-shaped candy you get around Valentine's Day is pretty great."

"I mean, who's gonna say no to candy?" Rapunzel pointed out with a giggle. "But I agree with you, with celebrating year-round. I just think it's really...nice to have a whole day devoted to it! I mean, if you've been slacking or feeling bad about your romantic life, then at least this Valentine's Day thing is there to make sure you know you're appreciated!"

That wasn't really how it worked, no.

"That's –– yeah."

Really not how it worked, and for a second there Kate looked like maybe she was going to say that out loud. She was taking a slightly different route.

"But you know, you really need to make sure you feel appreciated all through the year, too. And also, not just romantically. You know?"

Rapunzel frowned thoughtfully, twining a bit of her hair through her fingertips. "But what if you don't do...much of anything that anyone thinks is, um, worth appreciating?" she asked hesitantly.

Things were changing, here. Anders appreciated her mural, Barry appreciated her sharing her secrets, and Edward seemed to appreciate her help. She was starting to understand that maybe, just maybe, her mother was wrong.

Kate immediately shook her head.

"Unless you're somehow the type who goes around just kicking puppies all day, I am pretty sure that's just totally not the case," she said. "I mean, jerks are always going to exist because I guess that's human nature or whatever, but on the whole, pretty much everyone's got something worth appreciating."

"Sure," Rapunzel said carefully. "But what if someone just appreciates something that's...not necessarily part of your personality, or whatever? What if someone just appreciates what you can do for them?"

No issues there, at all.

"That's not the same, is it?"

"Then," Kate replied carefully, watching Rapunzel with a slight tilt of her head, "I'm not sure they're really being too awesome with you. I mean, if they just appreciate what you can do for them instead of appreciating you, it kind of sounds like using."

"Yeah," Rapunzel sighed. "But...but like what if you've known them a long time, and maybe they don't...mean to be like that? I mean, have you had to deal with that kind of thing before?"

She was really sort of afraid that she was slowly stumbling onto the truth about her mother, though part of her wanted to believe that Gothel just had a very different sense of humor than she did, or something.

Kate's nose scrunched up. "Kiiinda?" she hazarded, leaning back in her chair a little bit. "But, that was someone who wanted me to be a certain way with very little appreciation for the way I actually am. It was pretty bad."

Damn Zach.

"Seriously, when people don't appreciate you for you, it's not good."

Rapunzel frowned deeply at that, shaking her head. "That's not right," she said quietly. "I mean, someone forcing you to be a certain way. I mean -- I always thought that, anyway."

She paused, clearly considering her words carefully, and added, "But I dunno. I kind of...only knew one person, before I came here. And she always told me the outside world was really different from what I'm seeing. People seem a lot...nicer than she said they would be. And now I'm wondering why she would say that, if it wasn't true."

"Maybe she was trying to protect you," Kate offered. And, okay, she was kind of a cynical person so that wasn't really the first option her mind went to but she also wasn't a cynical asshole, so that seemed like a softer thing to say.

(Seriously, when had she become the adult in these situations? What happened?)

"Or," she added, "she had other reasons. But with all respect to whoever this person is, it seems she's really been misrepresenting things to you."

"She said that there were men with pointy teeth out here, and I haven't seen one," Rapunzel told her doubtfully. "She said it was to keep me and my hair safe but it doesn't really seem like there's all that much danger here. And no one cares about my hair."

She sighed, frustrated. "It's just hard to know what to believe, you know?"

"Well, there's at least one man with pointy teeth that lives in town and runs the club, but he's not that bad," Kate had to say – and congrats, Eric, you were now officially 'not that bad'. "And, I don't know, maybe Corona's different and way more dangerous. Fandom's kind of a different beast in a ton of ways."

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