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Office #26, Friday
Kate's desk was entirely covered in papers. Many were crumpled up, although there were also various print-outs scattered about, and a notepad with a lot of things crossed out in front of her. Apparently her method for deciding what to teach in the next term was a little messy. Seamus the corgi, who was with her in Fandom today, was loving it, though. He thought any and all crumpled paper balls that fell on the floor were the best thing ever. Which was nice, because Kate didn't seem to be getting her anywhere. So it was good that someone was getting something out of it.

And that was how she ended up sitting on the floor of her office, throwing a paper ball for Seamus to fetch. Maybe that would somehow jog her braincells and give her an idea.

Even if she probably couldn't teach 'Barking Happily 101'.

[ooc: Open post, open door, open everything!]


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